Advice to Junior Professionals

Advice to Junior Professionals

At Thomas & Dessain we work closely with our candidates at all stages of their career. Our approach is consultative – we want individuals to succeed and progress in their career. We assist them to prepare and make the most of job opportunities, we are the arm of our clients and we understand their business and culture. As a team, we have been advising international and locally based candidates and clients for 20 years.

Each client and candidate is allocated a dedicated consultant with appropriate sector experience and knowledge to make sure candidates are properly prepared and we achieve demonstrable results for our clients.

The junior professional service, managed by Edward Le Gallais, has been established to support our clients’ growth requirements for high quality junior professionals.

‘Professional help and advice could make a world of difference’

The recruitment landscape has changed over the last 18 months. Job opportunities have expanded for young people and the market is buoyant, which is why junior professional candidates are in a very strong position.

The roles available at Thomas & Dessain cover a variety of sectors, from retail and commercial to investment houses, stockbroking, banking, HR, marketing, accountancy and funds, giving candidates a very broad range of avenues to consider.

We know from speaking to our candidates that they have benefitted enormously from receiving expert advice at an early stage of their career path and, crucially, when deciding on their first role. We work with them to clearly identify their career objectives and help them choose which qualifications they should undertake to achieve their goals.

The recruitment process can be lengthy, with many obstacles to overcome; there is also a significant amount of information to digest before choosing from the number of available roles. If a candidate cannot find the ideal role immediately we will use our expertise and network to seek out the best opportunities available to help further the candidate’s career aspirations.

Building a demonstrable and sustained career path, with appropriate professional qualifications, is becoming critical to success and attaining leadership roles in the future. Clients are not just considering academic achievements – just as important are intelligence, enthusiasm and forward-thinking, allowing employers to train and nurture new recruits.

If I had to give one piece of key advice to any young people considering that first step on the career path it would be this: make sure your application and approach is as focused as possible, ensuring that you highlight your relevant experience and knowledge and that you promote those personal attributes that will most resonate with the potential employer. Getting it right first time is not easy, and that is where some professional help and advice could make a world of difference.

In conclusion, starting out in any career can be a daunting and perplexing experience and one that very few of us are prepared for when we leave school or university. Being able to talk to people who understand the anxiety and the confusion you may feel will help focus your energy where it is most needed and support you to apply and prepare for those roles that are your long-term career objectives.


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