Coaching is a recognised element of professional development, aimed at achieving tangible, measurable results – both for the individual and employer.

Thomas & Dessain coaching caters for individuals who want to improve their performance at work, increase their personal and professional satisfaction, and develop core, non-technical skills that are increasingly necessary for business success.

The growth of coaching within firms is fuelled by the recognition that, when it comes to development of management, marketing and interpersonal skills, many employees respond more positively to one-to-one or small group-based coaching than to team or large group-based learning.

Our coaching is non-judgmental and non-prejudicial: it is a collaborative partnership. The client/coach relationship provides a valuable opportunity to work with an independent person to review issues objectively, create strategies for dealing with them, and develop action plans. Further, it allows time for the exploration of strengths and weaknesses in a supportive and confidential environment.

Coaching is a proven way of helping individuals to achieve their business goals. It is very practical and can work in conjunction with established internal procedures. For example, coaches can be involved with the appraisal process, working through issues raised.

  • Through our expert coaching service, we can help individuals to:
  • Clarify career, personal and life objectives;
  • Set specific, measurable goals;
  • Overcome obstacles; and
  • Stay on track to reach the set goals.

With Thomas & Dessain, coaching is an extremely positive process, providing people with confidence, focus and motivation.

To find out more about Thomas & Dessain coaching, please get in touch.