Corporate Governance Advisory Services

Effective governance is increasingly recognised as part of the value creation process within successful businesses. However, the design and operation of an effective system of governance requires both careful consideration and informed evaluation of a series of variables.

Thomas & Dessain can provide valuable independent advice on corporate governance, either to individuals, groups, committees, or the Board/governance entity. As a knowledgeable and experienced external resource, Thomas & Dessain brings a measure of impartiality and objectivity to the process.

Our consultants are well equipped to assist you with the design and population of a Board of Directors. Time invested in identifying the right mix of skills and experience helps a newly formed Board to operate cohesively and effectively, and to ensure succession planning.

  • Particular issues to consider include:
  • The design of a governance model that is appropriate to the entity’s activities;
  • Specifying the right blend of skills for the Board or other governance body;
  • The extent of non-executive involvement;
  • Individual and collective effectiveness of the Board or other governance body;
  • Management information; and
  • Scope and delegated authority.

We can also advise on appropriate remuneration for Board members, using a blend of our considerable local experience and national surveys.

At Thomas & Dessain we have developed a Board Effectiveness Review process, which enables compliance with the UK Corporate Governance Code but in a proportionate manner for Channel Island companies.

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