Middle East

The Middle East is a growing, fast-paced and exciting market and continues to attract serious global organisations to the region.  It offers lawyers cutting-edge legal work, great client contact, relatively small but high quality teams and impressive salary packages with zero tax.

The main commercial centres in the Middle East are located in the Gulf and include the United Arab Emirates, Bahrain, Qatar, Saudi Arabia and to a lesser extent Oman and Kuwait.  The UAE is where the majority of the expats settle and is made up of seven Emirates, including Abu Dhabi and Dubai.

Over the last few years a significant number of top-tier City and US firms have signalled their commitment to the region by opening offices in Dubai and other major cities.  The work on offer in the region typically includes corporate, corporate finance/banking (with a particular emphasis on Islamic Finance), IT/e-commerce and litigation.

The majority of international law firms in the region are British and many of them have been in Dubai for many years but have now been joined by well-known international brands.  The last few years has seen major US firms make major in-roads into the market.