Non–Executive Director

We can provide assistance to you in identifying the appropriate person for your board to act in a non-executive capacity. We can ensure that the person so appointed is fully aware of the requirements of such a role. With the ever-increasing requirements of corporate governance we can provide an independent approach to identifying and training the suitable person for such an appointment.


The Issue

The benefits to an organisation from the input of the right NEDs are beyond doubt. What is more challenging for that organisation is choosing the right NEDs, particularly when there is a requirement for them to be resident in an offshore jurisdiction. Uncertainty about how to go about this can result in a process that merely selects candidates from a narrow group of contacts. Whilst this might locate suitable people it is often more by luck than judgement, particularly as many potential NEDs may be reluctant to declare their availability within a small community.

The Solution

How much higher the chances of securing the right appointment for all parties would be if an organisation could define the skills, experience and personal attributes that it sought and then select from a number of candidates who met these requirements.

Furthermore, a process which enables candidates to be matched with genuinely suitable opportunities and to retain their anonymity until a high degree of compatibility has been established encourages more potential NEDs to come forward.

The Process

Thomas & Dessain have established a substantial detailed database of potential NEDs, reviewing their curriculum vitae and interviewing each candidate to record what they have to offer by reference to carefully defined criteria.

An organisation seeking to recruit a NED discusses with an experienced Thomas & Dessain Director the characteristics of the person that they seek. This discussion will probe in-depth the circumstances of the proposed recruitment so that a real understanding of the skills, experience, qualifications and, very importantly, character of the ideal candidate can be developed both by the organisation and the Thomas & Dessain Director.

It is through this process that the science of identifying potential candidates, who meet the recruiting organisation’s objective criteria, can be combined with the art of seeking to create a good cultural match.

The service is not restricted to NEDs in the legal sense, but extends to any organisation (such as a charity or public sector body) seeking to enhance its governance by using external skills in a non-executive capacity.

The Thomas & Dessain Director, having fully understood what is required of the ideal candidate, quickly reviews the database of potential NEDs and reports back with anonymous summary curriculum vitae of worthwhile candidates. After a further discussion short-listed candidates are interviewed by the organisation, with Thomas & Dessain’s assistance if required.

If this process does not produce a suitable candidate or the recruiting organisation’s needs are more specialised, a customised search (head-hunting) or selection (advertising-based campaign) exercise beyond the database can be undertaken.

The Advantages

  • A more scientific method of selection increases the chances of an effective appointment
  • Access to a larger number of potential NED than traditional methods
  • The advice, input and confidentiality that comes from dealing only with Thomas & Dessain Directors
  • A professional independent and objective process which demonstrates high standards of corporate governance and relieves sponsors and advisers of the risk of reputational damage by proposing inappropriate NED candidates. 

To Discuss Further

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