Tech & Digital

In today’s fast-moving economy it is now imperative for a successful company to have some digital input with some surveys suggesting that up to 80% of companies believe that technology plays an essential part in their plans for growth, helping drive value through efficiencies and savings.

Thomas & Dessain supports SME businesses to take advantage of the power of the Internet, or the next big thing to embrace technology. The British Isles has one of the strongest Internet economies of any developed country in the world, with consumers spending more money online than almost any other country.

We consult on and place Digital Producers, Online Producers, Online/Digital Marketing Managers, SEO/PPC, Marketing, Communications, and Brand Manager Assignments, for both permanent and interim roles, employing search and selection methodologies to find global digital hidden talent to bring candidates and employers together in lasting employment relationships.

For more information on how we can help your business build a digital presence, please contact Karen Mars.