Temp vs Interim – What’s the difference?

The difference between temp and interim roles

Temporary workers are considered to be a vital part of staffing strategies for many businesses and they can be a great solution to gaining experience for students and graduates or for those looking to return to work after a period or absence. Equally they can offer flexibility for those who wish for a variety from the work life or wish to persue travel.

A temp tends to be paid on an hourly rate and as a temp you don’t receive the usual benefits of job security, but it can offer you experience and can still be a reliable source of well paid work.

Interim/Contract Roles

Interim or contract roles tend to be for a set period of time, ie 6 months. Interims tend to be more experienced professionals with niche skills and have to hit the ground running, to take control of a project or cover long-term leave. Contractors tend to be on either a fixed-term or rolling contract to cover busy periods, special projects or to see how they fit into the role before being offered a permanent contract.

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